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Don’t worry about hourly rates or hidden fees – we operate on a fixed rate. This allows us to allocate our experts, time and tactics according to your strategy.

Fire Starter
Get a small specialist team that focuses on one of your basic concerns.
Specialists: 2
Tactics: 1
Perfect for:
Companies looking for go-to-market fit and to optimize their marketing strategy to start generating inbound revenue.
Starting at €3,995/mo
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High Voltage
Get a complete, outsourced marketing team that will unlock your full revenue potential.
Specialists:  7
Tactics: 5
Perfect for:
Companies that want hypergrowth, maximize demand and explode inbound revenue.
Starting at €15,495/mo
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We use carefully selected actions and tactics to implement and achieve the goals we set in your unique strategy.
Paid Social

Tactics represent individual options within your plan, each priced at €3.995 per tactic.

Meta Platform
Paid Search

Tactics represent individual options within your plan, each priced at €3.995 per tactic.

Google ads
Bing ads
Content Marketing

Tactics represent individual options within your plan, each priced at €3.995 per tactic.

Performance creative

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Fire Starter
Starting at €3,995
Per month
Electric Spark
Starting at €9,495
Per month
High Voltage
Starting at €15,495
Per month
# of specialists
# of tactics
Dedicated Growth Lead
Direct Slack communication
Monthly performance reviews
Dedicated Delivery Manager
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Weekly catch ups
Shared task management
Content repurposing
1 monthly pre-paid power-up

How we work

From creating and capturing demand to maximizing inbound revenue, we specialize in transforming low-performing go-to-market motions into high-velocity growth engines. Let us turn your marketing execution into tangible revenue impact, propelling your business forward one tactic at a time. Here’s how we do it:


Before deciding tactics, we always start by creating the right strategy for your company. Here we map out your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), positioning, targeting, segmentation, and messaging, and how that translates into creating, capturing, and converting demand.


We gather data using our advanced marketing and performance tracking methods, which help us make strategic decisions that drive your business's growth and revenue.


Our team consists of 100% specialized B2B marketing professionals who will work as a true extension of your team to increase your demand and maximize revenue generation with precise execution, content, and creative that secure your competitive advantage.


We've developed a reliable system for planning, launching, optimizing, and generating new ideas for marketing campaigns. We're all about trying new things and finding better ways to do stuff. 

Trusted by industry leaders

See how our tailored strategy and execution have propelled these businesses to
new heights.

SparkForce has supported us in implementing the strategy and has challenged us to optimize in ways we hadn’t thought of, which keeps us constantly evolving and able to do things better than before.

Sophie Klintrup & Katinka Sverker Brøndrum

Senior Marketing Manager & Marketing Manager

Having a partner who understands our industry and niche was a game-changer. The subject matter experts at SparkForce had valuable knowledge about the type of B2B we are, which gave us a lot of trust in the setup.

Tobias Tvede Friis

Marketing and Brand Experience Manager

Working with SparkForce was decisive for the fast results we got. With the help of their talented team, we were able to quickly establish a market position and attract not only the right companies but also the right people within them. We got exactly what we were looking for in a collaboration with an external agency—a very effective kickstart.

Frederik Fuglsbjerg

Product Marketing Manager

Working in the marketing field myself, I have high expectations from our partners. SparkForce managed to exceed them—they are an amazing team with an amazing mindset. They prove that true marketing is all about flexibility and adaptability.

Philip Mahler

Chief Marketing Officer

Working with digital flows, we don’t take digital marketing for granted. SparkForce quickly became a trusted partner in developing our marketing strategy. They offered us customized solutions and expert advice that made a true impact on the way we approach customers.

Niclas Agdenika

CEO & Co-founder

Sparks are flying

After six months of working with SparkForce, our clients have experienced results like:


Increase in weighted pipeline


Decrease in cost per qualified lead


Decrease in CAC payback period


If you need quick answers, look no further. If you can’t find your answer, please know that you can always contact us.

What is a tactic and what does it include?

Tactics are specific actions you employ to achieve your broader marketing goals and implement your strategy effectively. For example, a tactic could be running paid advertising campaigns on LinkedIn or content marketing such as blogs and guides. For a complete overview of the tactics we offer at SparkForce, go to our pricing page.

How do we communicate with our clients?

We streamline communication with our clients through a dedicated Slack channel, including weekly or bi-weekly check-in meetings.

What if we need to create new content for our strategy?

Our in-house team of creatives can help create copy and video content based on your needs and strategy.

What are the terms for our commitment period?

We always recommend a minimum commitment period of at least six months, then add on if needed. If you end your commitment with us early, you pay for the running month with one month's notice.

Do you count hours?

At SparkForce, we operate on a fixed rate to allocate our experts, time, and tactics according to your strategy. That means you don’t have to worry about hourly rates or hidden fees.

How do we do our reporting?

We use funnel.io for our reporting, which allows us to combine all of our GTM programs into one dashboard. Read more about our collaboration here.

Can you shift tactics without any extra cost?

Yes. If one tactic doesn’t work, you can switch from one month to the next and switch to another tactic without hassle or associated additional costs.

Who will be my main contact person?

Once we do the kick-off, your company will be assigned a team and a Growth Lead. The Growth Lead will be your main contact and responsible for your strategy and execution. All our Growth Leads are senior profiles and B2B marketing experts

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