It's time to capture your demand

Good news – you’ve successfully generated a lot of demand for your product or service. Now’s the time to capture it. Demand capture is a marketing tool that capitalizes on your demand generation success by capturing people with intent and convincing them to buy.

What is demand capture?

Demand capture focuses on converting the interest of those actively searching for solutions or products like yours. This involves targeted marketing efforts aimed at people who have shown intent to buy, using tactics like search engine ads, retargeting, and direct response marketing. It's a short-term strategy designed to quickly turn interested prospects into customers by presenting them with compelling reasons to choose your product or service right when they're ready to make a decision.

How we do demand capture

At this stage, we focus on the lowest part of the funnel and people looking for a product or a solution right now. That means a low volume but high intent searches, and why tapping into your competitor's keywords is a must. Here’s how we suggest you do it:

Make a strong keyword strategy

Be present on review platforms such as Capterra and G2

Utilize competitor audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook

Use competitor ads

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SparkForce has supported us in implementing the strategy and has challenged us to optimize in ways we hadn’t thought of, which keeps us constantly evolving and able to do things better than before.

Sophie Klintrup & Katinka Sverker Brøndrum

Senior Marketing Manager & Marketing Manager

Having a partner who understands our industry and niche was a game-changer. The subject matter experts at SparkForce had valuable knowledge about the type of B2B we are, which gave us a lot of trust in the setup.

Tobias Tvede Friis

Marketing and Brand Experience Manager

Working with SparkForce was decisive for the fast results we got. With the help of their talented team, we were able to quickly establish a market position and attract not only the right companies but also the right people within them. We got exactly what we were looking for in a collaboration with an external agency—a very effective kickstart.

Frederik Fuglsbjerg

Product Marketing Manager

Working in the marketing field myself, I have high expectations from our partners. SparkForce managed to exceed them—they are an amazing team with an amazing mindset. They prove that true marketing is all about flexibility and adaptability.

Philip Mahler

Chief Marketing Officer

Working with digital flows, we don’t take digital marketing for granted. SparkForce quickly became a trusted partner in developing our marketing strategy. They offered us customized solutions and expert advice that made a true impact on the way we approach customers.

Niclas Agdenika

CEO & Co-founder

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