Strategize, execute, iterate, repeat

We use actionable data to help you achieve sustainable growth and tangible results. We base our partnerships on custom-fit strategies and a flexible approach, meaning you always get the solution that’s right for your business and your business only.

Our business model

What separates SparkForce from traditional marketing agencies is our channel-agnostic approach. This allows us to stay flexible and agile because our marketing efforts are not limited to certain channels.

Our model is built on 4 strategic pillars:

Account-Based Marketing

Demand Generation

Demand Capture

Thought Leadership

Marketing takes a great deal of testing and optimizing in order to be successful. If you’re not testing and optimizing constantly, you won’t see any real progress.To make everything easier for you, we operate on a fixed rate. Your strategy may change, but our team effort won’t!

A 4-step approach


Defining your strategy

A strong strategy will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Phase one of working with us is dedicated to analyzing your current situation and deciding what needs to be done.

How do we do this?

We begin our relationship with a strategy workshop where we look at your marketing performance across all channels. Based on that data, we create an action plan tailored to your needs.


Choosing your pillar and tactics

Once we’ve mapped out the best strategy for you, we help you select one of our 4 pillars. Based on your chosen pillar, we customize an action plan using various tactics. These tactics incorporate the areas we focus on to foster your growth, such as:

Content Marketing

Lead Generation

Performance Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization


Assigning your growth lead and team

We’ve worked in many different industries at many different stages of growth. You unlock the full potential of that shared knowledge when we put together your team.

Our specialists will in be in charge of your selected tactics, while our growth lead will oversee your project, making sure everything is aligned and on track.


Executing your strategy

This is where we bring your strategy to life. We’ll check in regularly with you to keep you updated on the progress and make sure everything is still aligned with your vision. To facilitate the whole process, we use various collaborative tools, such as:

Notion - for easy project management

Slack - for easy communication

Google Drive - for easy file sharing

And you know the deal by now – if the plan changes, we’ll change accordingly.

Trusted by industry leaders

See how our tailored strategy and execution have propelled these businesses to
new heights.

SparkForce has supported us in implementing the strategy and has challenged us to optimize in ways we hadn’t thought of, which keeps us constantly evolving and able to do things better than before.

Sophie Klintrup & Katinka Sverker Brøndrum

Senior Marketing Manager & Marketing Manager

Having a partner who understands our industry and niche was a game-changer. The subject matter experts at SparkForce had valuable knowledge about the type of B2B we are, which gave us a lot of trust in the setup.

Tobias Tvede Friis

Marketing and Brand Experience Manager

Working with SparkForce was decisive for the fast results we got. With the help of their talented team, we were able to quickly establish a market position and attract not only the right companies but also the right people within them. We got exactly what we were looking for in a collaboration with an external agency—a very effective kickstart.

Frederik Fuglsbjerg

Product Marketing Manager

Working in the marketing field myself, I have high expectations from our partners. SparkForce managed to exceed them—they are an amazing team with an amazing mindset. They prove that true marketing is all about flexibility and adaptability.

Philip Mahler

Chief Marketing Officer

Working with digital flows, we don’t take digital marketing for granted. SparkForce quickly became a trusted partner in developing our marketing strategy. They offered us customized solutions and expert advice that made a true impact on the way we approach customers.

Niclas Agdenika

CEO & Co-founder

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